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About Cormac

My name is Cormac O’Kelly and I am an online entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant to companies of all sizes.

I have worked with multinational companies, global brands and small to medium enterprises. My area of expertise is online marketing and I have advised and consulted with over 100 start up businesses.


As a social media trainer and digital marketing strategist, I regularly give talks and workshops on social media, social business strategy, and social customer service, including how to get the most out of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and other digital marketing platforms as well as email marketing campaigns and other forms of growth hacking.

Social Media is a crucial part of any business and one must identify the social media goals for one’s business, define and refine clear strategic social media plans and tactics, create outstanding content, and make sure that everything is measurable in order to make social media work for one’s business.

Alongside my workshops, I also work as a Social Business and Content Consultant. I have worked with top multinational companies including Johnson Brothers, Unilever, Pernod -Ricard and brands such as Jameson Whiskey, Ben & Jerrys, Knorr, HB Ice Cream, Milton, and many others.

Cormac O Kelly giving a class on digital marketing.
Cormac O'Kelly, Digital Strategist and Social Media Expert

Professional Bio

Working with global, multinational, indigenous and small business, I aim to add value to your business. Through the use of digital technology, digital marketing, social media and digital platforms, clients have grown their business, their revenue and reduced marketing costs at the same time with my help. All whilst having a totally measurable digital marketing expenditure.

What I do:

  • Worked with more than 130 start up businesses.
  • Work with global companies such as Pernod Ricard, Unilever, The Kerry Group, Clondalkin Group and Bank of Ireland and others
  • Work with international brands such as Ballygowan, Knorr, Lyons Tea, Tescos, Yahoo, Ben & Jerry’s, Lumesse and Jameson.
  • Work with online brands,,,
  • Deliver workshops on digital marketing and social media.
  • Deliver Keynotes on the digital marketing and social media including:
    • “The Digital Landscape”
    • “Making the Internet Work For You”
    • “It’s Just The Internet!”
  • Published a book called ‘Mastering Social Media” which you can download here.

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