Cormac O’Kelly has been shooting classical fine art images for over thirty years and now brings to you some of the fine art collection he has collected in that time to you, the discerning viewer.

His photographic journey started back in the late eighties using the medium of black and white film but as photographic technology evolved and digital imagery came to the fore, his photography moved forward.

The many countries he has visited in those years has seen a catalogue of images being developed and the first colllection to be shared is sixteen unique images taken in California. Not content with typical imagery of these places, he seeks out the everyday and tries to capture it in the most unique way.

The images are unique and reproduced to the highest standard to provide longevity. He has decided that each of images in this Californian Collection will only be individually reproduced five times, meaning that only five pronts will be in existence. Individually numbered and issued with a certificate of genuine authenticity, the images will only be available to five discerning individuals seeking out fine art imagery of California.

With this in mind, we know that you will enjoy the artwork of the California Collection, safe in the knowledge that you have purchased a genuine piece of photographic art to enjoy for many years to come.